To advance, communicate and sustain knowledge through the conduct of teaching at the highest level

M.E.S. College Erattupetta is indeed the fruition of a dream ardently cherished by the members of M.E.S. and a host of like minded people who are committed to fostering the intellectual enlightement and social advancement of the younger generation in and around Erattupetta.The prime objective of the institution is to equip the youth with the skills necessary for meeting every challenge in the technological age. The college has been shtifted to its own campus at vettikulam Thidanadu Panchayat, just 4 Km away from Erattupetta. Set in an ideal acadamic ambience the istitution will be conducive to the pursuit of knowledge.

Our Primary mission is to move forward the horizons of human knowledge and enhance and uplift the citizens of the nation.We symbolize the sprit of excellence in teaching,advance learning,research,creativity and engagement attained by the finest educational institutions.


Our goal is to create the best learning environment.
Discovering new knowledge,and sharing our resources.
Provide unparalled facilities to our students.
Enhance development opportunities for faculty and staff Design and implement effective planning process.


The Muslim Educational Society(Regd.) a non-political socio-educational-cultural organization of the Muslims in Kerala,registered under the Societies Registration Act xx1 of 1860 was established in the year 1964 under the able,charismatic and dynamic leadership of the late Dr.P.K Abdul Ghafoor.

Today M.E.S. is the largest corporate educational agency of the Muslims in India managing more than 170 eduational institutions including Medical College, Enginering Colleges, Dental College, College of Nursing, Arts & Science Colleges, C.B.S.E. & state Syllabus Higher Secondary school etc.. with more than 1,00,000 students and about 15,000 employees.Hospitals,Orphanages,old-age Homes,Special Schools for Mentally Retarded etc.are other services offered and activites undertaken buy the Society.The Society takes special interest in imparting higher education to Muslim Girls and assisting economically backward,but brillant students by instituting merit awards and scholarships worth more than Rs.30 Lakhs anually.The M.E.S has registered its presence in other Indian States and all Middle East Nations and enjoys the patronage of people from all quarters as a politically neutral body and extends its services to all,upholding its secular fabric.

More than Academic Level MES Program focusing on Empowering Students in Life - towards the light through

Identifying, Optimizing & Channelizing talent

Personality & Career Development Programs

Empower to be a better Citizen, through Ethical & Moral guidance

Language, Communication, Debate, public speaking lessons

Digital & Smart Class Room training

Self Awareness, Self defense & Life style Improvisation Program

Motivation, Mind development & Impart Street smartness

Vocational & Skill training for Self employment capabilities

Family Life Guidance, Parenting & Finishing schools

Sports, Culture & Talent growth

Environmental awareness, for Green Community & CSR Initiatives

Participation/Contribution of Teachers, PTA, Alumni and General Public.