The onward march of the mankind on earth was fuelled by the knowledge created by the human being from time to time. Man has created the knowledge which each stage of progress of mankind required. The history of transportation reveals it aptly. The invention of wheel made of wood was the need of the hour of a time as humankind had to take his agricultural products to distant places in pre modern times. The Industrial Revolution changed the concept of transportation with introduction of steam engine, later with fossil fuels. The post-modern era is creating the knowledge of vehicles which runs thousands of kilometres within an hour. Thus, it is clear that knowledge made or renewed from time to time has determined the destiny of mankind on earth. The educational institutions either as centres of production of knowledge and dissemination of knowledge can claim the pivotal position in any society . M E S College Erattupetta has taken up the call of the time to provide quality education aiming at the formation of a good society of responsible citizens. The academic culture promoted by the dedicated faculty members, enthusiastic students and student friendly supporting staff has made this institution a centre of hope for all the stakeholders. We the people at M E S College assure you the best.

Prof. A M Rasheed